Breaking the Myths Surrounding Laser Treatment-arabic

The introduction of a new technique is always coupled with a circle of myths surrounding its functionality. Laser treatment couldn’t also escape this circle which tends to judge how far it is beneficial to the patients. As per the definition by Healthline, “Laser therapies are medical treatments that use focused light. Unlike most light sources, light from a laser (which stands for light amplification by stimulated emission of radiation) is tuned to specific wavelengths.”

Laser therapy is used for a variety of purposes including destroying tumours, removing kidney stones, improving vision, varicose veins, facial and hair treatments, to mention a few. These days, laser treatments are popularly used for hair removal, hair bleaching, skin rejuvenation, tattoo removal and other medical aesthetics as well as beauty therapy.

The popularity of laser therapy has connected it with lots of myths a few of which are debunked here:

Myth 1 : Harmful to Health Truth: Prevention of any disease is better than cure. However, once we are ill, treatment becomes compulsory. Choosing laser treatment over surgery becomes easy for patients since it doesn’t involve cutting open the body. However, rumours are being spread that laser therapy is harmful to health because it exposes you to radiation which can cause cancer. The fact behind this is that laser uses light and not ionising radiation. Hence it doesn’t produce any harmful effect on any part of the body.

Myth 2 : Causes Burns and is Painful Truth: Laser therapy highly requires the surgeons to be alert and precise to focus on a small area to avoid damaging the surrounding tissue. Laser treatments are popular for this quality of precision. Contrary to the myth, laser treatments are less painful than other treatment procedures. This is why patients feel less afraid of opting for it over open surgeries.

Myth 3 : Expensive and Unaffordable Truth: This is a widely spread notion that laser therapies are expensive hence cannot be afforded by ordinary patients. However, this is wrong, laser treatment doesn’t require you to spend a lot of days in the hospital since the procedure is less than two hours. Although you might need to attend more than one session to attain the expected results, still it is cheaper when compared to other modes of therapy.

Myth 4 : Doesn’t Work for All Skin Tone Truth: It is a preconceived notion that laser skin treatment doesn’t produce any result on dark skin. Before it was said that in hair therapy when you have a dark skin tone, the laser’s ability to target the hair follicles reduces. However, new technologies have been developed recently to tackle this issue. Hence, this is nothing more than a myth now.

Whether it be laser or any other treatment, the output completely depends upon the qualification and skill of the medical professionals undertaking the procedure. Approaching a board-certified dermatologist having FDA-approved laser systems is the safest option for a patient rather than choosing any beauty clinic nearby.