best laser hair removal in AbuDhabi


Are you looking for the best laser hair removal in Abu Dhabi?


We are all concerned about our skin, of course, we need a smooth and tidy look skin. Unwanted body hair is hard to maintain and remove so here we introducing a better solution, we know you are getting tired of following the traditional hair removal treatment. Now you have a new option to get rid of this, Hanaa Hassan providing you with the best laser hair removal in Abu Dhabi.

 Laser hair removal is one of the most widely used painless methods of removing unwanted hair from various regions of the body. It is an easier and popular non-surgical cosmetic procedure for removing undesirable hair from the face and body. It uses a concentrated beam of light that targets the hair root, which inhibits and effectively slows future hair growth. The result provided by the treatment is long-lasting compared with the traditional methods.

Hanaa Hassan- we treat your skin in all expert ways, traditional hair removal methods may be hurts skin and leave a cut on the skin. When we follow the traditional method, it also makes our skin become darker. In the case of laser hair removal, there is no chance to damage your skin, it does not harm any skin type or colour. It works perfectly for any part of your body includes the face, legs, bikini line, chest, back, arms, and underarms. We assures that the result become last for a long period of time.  

There is no need for a second thought for laser hair removal, we assure you that your money and time is not going to worst and ensure that the skin stays healthy.







It uses a concentrated beam of light that targeting the hair root ,which inhibits and effectively slows the future hair growth.
Safe : No complication and major side effects Painless :It’s a painless hair removal method with minimal time. Quickness:Each pulse of the laser treat many hairs at the same time , it takes only a bit of a second. Precision : Beams are directly target dark and leaving the surrounding skin safely. Time saving :Compared to traditional hair removal methods, laser treatment is time- saving. Comfort: Suitable for all skin types
  • Avoid direct sunlight
  • Avoid using any tanning creams and equipments
  • Do keep treated area clean and dry for few days
  • Use ice cubes on treated area when feel pain or any discomfort