The Importance of After Care in Any Treatment-arabic

Getting discharged from the hospital or clinic is not the end of any treatment. Aftercare constitutes a major part of successful medical treatment. In most cases, patients don’t follow the instructions of the doctor which often fails the treatment given in the hospital. Hence, not only the doctor but the patient is also responsible if the medication doesn’t produce expected recovery results.

The term ‘aftercare’ refers to the care or treatment given to persons after discharge from the hospital. Laser therapy, like any other treatment, is followed by certain post-care measures instructed by the surgeon. Laser skin therapy becomes complete when the patients take care of the following aftercare instructions to get improved skin look and texture:

1)No Exposition to UV Rays Laser treatment can make your skin sensitive than before. Hence, you must take all precautions to stay out of the sun’s UV rays which can make the condition worse. Staying indoors or under shaded areas are highly suggested rather than spending time outside if you are expecting good results. Frequent application of sunscreen can save you from the UV rays if it becomes necessary for you to go out.

2)Cleansing Cleansing the lasered skin is highly recommended by doctors as part of the aftercare measures. Usually, doctors suggest keeping the skin clean by washing it with mild saline water. If you are using cleansers containing any harsh components, it is better to stay away from them until the aftercare period ends. Maintain a hygiene routine throughout the day to keep the skin fresh and smooth.

3)Cold Compresses and Ice Packs The patient must be aware that any laser treatment is followed by mild swelling and redness. This is not something to worry about. However, using cold compresses and ice packs on the affected areas can reduce the swelling which in turn helps in reducing discomfort or irritation. Arranging these essential aftercare products is completely up to the patient.

4)Moisturising After laser therapy, the surgeon likely suggests you use a particular moisturiser to keep the smoothness of your skin. You must stick to the doctor’s suggestion rather than going with a moisturiser of your own choice. Apply it at regular intervals as per the surgeon’s instructions. Most patients seem to use petroleum jelly which builds a protective cover for the skin to save it from the entry of germs.

5)Say No to MakeUp Not forever, but it is always desirable to stay away for a particular period from using makeup after laser treatment. Doctors suggest this because there might be some ingredients in makeup that can irritate your skin more thereby reducing the chances of healing after the treatment. This needs to be taken care of because many people have a bad tendency to use makeup products on the lasered skin to hide the redness or swelling that is likely to come after the treatment.

6)No Scratching Once you scratch, you can’t stop. Hence, patients need to control themselves from scratching the lasered skin region. Scratching can only increase scarring or redness on the treated skin.

7)Wear Loose Clothes Rather than wearing tight jeans, it is always suggested by the doctors to go for loose outfits after laser skin therapy. This can help to avoid friction on the affected area thereby fastening the healing process.

8)Stay Hydrated Drinking plenty of water is also a part of the aftercare measures when it comes to laser treatment. Regular hydration can help the skin to heal quickly after the therapy.